Flashpoint Labs is a socially innovative professional photography agency and training academy. We provide corporate photography services and run changemaking photography programs with young people from diverse backgrounds.

The Agency

We deliver brilliant imagery with exceptional customer service and social impact. We provide a full range of corporate, event and advertising photography services. On every job, where possible, a young apprentice from a diverse background, particularly Indigenous or recently migrated, works alongside a professional photographer getting valuable on-the-job industry experience. All profits from our photography services go directly into supporting our apprenticeships and changemaking photography programs. Click on services to see our corporate folio and get a quote.

The Academy

We deliver a range of changemaking photography programs, workshops, coaching and events for people of all ages and skill levels. We focus on engaging and empowering young people from diverse backgrounds with the intention of employing the most committed as apprentices in the Agency. Changemaking photography is melding social innovation and photography, it’s trying to improve society through conscious image making and powerful storytelling.

Our programs use photography to engage people of all ages and skill levels in breakthrough learning experiences. In supportive and cohesive groups, participants are given the opportunity to learn about technical photography, strategic storytelling and social innovation while developing critical and systems thinking skills, creative expression and confidence. Our programs are informed by the latest research in empowerment and changemaking through digital media and by our own unique experiences and innovative approach. Click on programs to see more information.


Flashpoint Labs was co-founded by Leanne Townsend and Mickey Kovari in 2011. Together, Leanne and Mickey developed the idea of changemaking photography, began running programs with young people from diverse backgrounds and created the professional photography agency. In 2013, Tomasz Machnik joined Flashpoint Labs as the Lead Photographer to lead the delivery of our professional services, the professional development of our young apprentices and the facilitation of our programs. We are in the midst of writing our most exciting chapter yet.



Vision: A brilliant world (that is compassionate, just, sustainable and creative).

Mission: To empower young people from diverse backgrounds to be creative professionals and changemakers by delivering breakthrough learning experiences and providing on-going coaching, support and connection to industry.

Principles: Connectedness. Timelessness. Boundlessness.


– make a dent in the universe: we show our genuine passion and drive.
– empower everybody: we seek to enable others to learn, develop and thrive.
– be ethical: we are universally conscious and have integrity and strong morals.
– make every experience delightful and meaningful: we surprise and always think about the details.
– get back up and keep going: we have resilience and grit.
– weird is good: uniqueness differentiates us and sets us apart.
– never stop learning: we seek knowledge and wisdom and we are open to change. We stay nimble and agile, we pivot, shift and innovate.
– bake more pie: we have an abundance mentality where we try to make everyone win.
– be creative: we express ourselves and inspire the imagination of others, we make art and seek novel solutions.
– aim for the stars, keep your feet on the ground: we are ambitious while staying humble and modest.



Changemaking photography is melding social innovation and photography, it’s trying to improve society through conscious image making and powerful storytelling. Changemaking Photographers attempt to be conscious of the social impact of their photography. To find Changemaking Photography look out for the hashtag #changemakingphotography

Changemaking Photography could be:

– Making a photo of something you want to change and posting it to social media (like instagram) with the hashtag #changemakingphotography and a short blurb on how you want it to change the subject of the photograph,

– Creating a photographic series about an issue that you want to change and publishing it in an online or offline exhibition,

– Running a photography and social innovation program for young people from diverse backgrounds, or anything that uses photography to try and change society for the better (e.g. Flashpoint Labs, Youth In Focus, Umuzi Photo Club, Baycat, Photovoice, Adobe Youth Voices).



200+ participants in 10+ pop up workshops

45+ participants in 4 programs (with over 20 program workshops)

6 apprentices completing over 50 real jobs as assistants with professional lead photographers

600+ hours spent engaging, empowering and employing participants and apprentices

$10,000 + distributed to apprentices in wages

$100,000+ generated through our professional photography services

Economic value of our social impact: unknown (we are hoping to work with social impact evaluator to formally assess our impact – can you help us?)
Social Return on Investment: unknown (estimate, for every dollar invested in Flashpoint Labs, society reaps an amount of economic value in terms of the economic benefits from having people engaged, empowered and employed who would otherwise not be learning or earning and thus would be drawing on government support and would be at a higher risk of social disadvantage and dysfunction).



Flashpoint Labs is not a typical photography agency or training academy.

Our agency prides itself not only on brilliant imagery and exceptional client experiences but also on social impact. On every job, where possible, we have young people from diverse backgrounds working as apprentices alongside professional photographers to get real on-the-job work experience. All our professional photographers are also mentors to the next generation of socially conscious creative professionals.

Our training academy runs changemaking photography programs and workshops that explore more than just how to use a camera and create beautiful imagery. We focus on how to tell a story, how to convey a powerful message, how to make change and how to build a sustainable career as a socially conscious creative professional.

Our programs are based on action learning, because photographers and changemakers learn best by doing, and they learn best from their peers and practitioners in the field.

Our uniqueness also lies in the depth and length of our support, and in the emphasis on supporting and developing the whole individual. Our support is ongoing, though we are committed to seeing our participants go on to learn and earn on their own.

Partners we work with:

Photography Sector
– Contact Sheet
– Australian Centre for Photography
– Head On Photo Festival
– Arthere
– Mobile Photo Group

Social Sector
– National Centre of Indigenous Excellence
– Football United
– National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy
– Sydney Story Factory

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SSF_logo (1)



Are you interested in getting involved or supporting us?

If you want to be represented by Flashpoint Labs and join our roster of professional photographers who double as mentors for young people from diverse backgrounds, get in touch with us at via email.

If you want to work with us in a voluntary capacity (most roles have royalty options, that is, if we make money from your activities you’ll get a commission) please check out the volunteer form for open positions and enter your details. We are currently seeking a part-time volunteer communications coordinator with an interested in social media.

If you want to invest in our social enterprise and earn a significant social return and modest financial return, get in touch with us at via email – We are currently seeking $100k for our first round of investment to scale our operations and impact.

We'd like to hear from you if you are interested in:

- Getting a quote for professional photography services
- Supporting our work and development
- Becoming a partner organisation
- Becoming a mentor, coach or facilitator
- Promoting our programs and fellows
- Becoming a program participant or apprentice


Flashpoint Labs would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which we operate. Flashpoint Labs is based in Redfern, the land of the Gadigal of the Eora nation. We would like to pay our respects to Elders past and present and recognise and celebrate their continuing connection to culture, country and community. We acknowledge that Australia was, is, and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land.

Find out more about Acknowledgement of Country protocols and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures here.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this website may contain images of people who have passed away.




Contact details:


Services - Tomasz - 0450 252 504

Workshops - Laura - 0431 945 967