Change making photography workshop for Vibewire

Change making photography workshop for Vibewire

Flashpoint Labs was invited to run a 40 minute workshops at Vibewire’s Fastbreak event. Fastbreak is a series of rapid-fire talks co-created by Vibewire and the Powerhouse Museum. Every second month they bring together over 200 people to hear from 10 change makers who are given 5 minutes each to share their stories and bold ideas.
Flashpoint ran a change making photography workshop based around creating a social media campaign targeting bullying. We engaged a group of 30 to split into groups and using just their smart phone cameras, produce a ‘campaign’ looking image which highlighted the issue of bullying. Every group approached the challenge in really interesting ways. At the end of the workshop, using hashtags, we were able to view every groups image on the Instagram platform and this allowed the whole group to review every groups final campaign image. Our FPL Indigenous apprentices Tom & Tjanara helped our groups with idea generation and how to take and set up clever photo ideas. Our young Polish apprentice Julia filmed this video and edited it while Tomasz ran the workshop.


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