Flashpoint Labs is a socially innovative professional photography agency and training academy. We provide corporate photography services and run changemaking photography programs with young people from diverse backgrounds.

The Agency

We deliver brilliant imagery with exceptional customer service and social impact. We provide a full range of corporate, event and advertising photography services. On every job, where possible, a young apprentice from a diverse background, particularly Indigenous or recently migrated, works alongside a professional photographer getting valuable on-the-job industry experience. All profits from our photography services go directly into supporting our apprenticeships and changemaking photography programs. Click on services to see our corporate folio and get a quote.

The Academy

We deliver a range of changemaking photography programs, workshops, coaching and events for people of all ages and skill levels. We focus on engaging and empowering young people from diverse backgrounds with the intention of employing the most committed as apprentices in the Agency. Changemaking photography is melding social innovation and photography, it’s trying to improve society through conscious image making and powerful storytelling.

Our programs use photography to engage people of all ages and skill levels in breakthrough learning experiences. In supportive and cohesive groups, participants are given the opportunity to learn about technical photography, strategic storytelling and social innovation while developing critical and systems thinking skills, creative expression and confidence. Our programs are informed by the latest research in empowerment and changemaking through digital media and by our own unique experiences and innovative approach. Click on programs to see more information.


Flashpoint Labs was co-founded by Leanne Townsend and Mickey Kovari in 2011. Together, Leanne and Mickey developed the idea of changemaking photography, began running programs with young people from diverse backgrounds and created the professional photography agency. In 2013, Tomasz Machnik joined Flashpoint Labs as the Lead Photographer to lead the delivery of our professional services, the professional development of our young apprentices and the facilitation of our programs. We are in the midst of writing our most exciting chapter yet.


Contact details:


Services - Tomasz - 0450 252 504

Workshops - Laura - 0431 945 967