Programs Overview

Through our training academy, Flashpoint Labs delivers a range of changemaking photography programs, workshops, coaching and events for people of all ages and skill levels. Changemaking photography is melding social innovation and photography, it’s trying to improve society through conscious image making and powerful storytelling.

Our programs use photography to engage people of all ages and skill levels in breakthrough learning experiences. In supportive and cohesive groups, participants are given the opportunity to learn about technical photography, strategic storytelling and social innovation while developing critical and systems thinking skills, creative expression and confidence. Our programs are informed by the latest research in empowerment and changemaking through digital media and by our own unique experiences and innovative approach.

Our programs and workshops focus on young people from diverse backgrounds, particularly young people from Indigenous and recently migrated communities. We now also offer custom and open programs and workshops to all.

Flagship Programs
Our flagship program is a fully subsidised changemaking photography program for young people from diverse backgrounds. We have run two Indigenous Changemaking Photography programs. To find out more or apply to be apart of our next program click here.

Apprenticeship Program
Young people who have completed our Flagship program can qualify to join our paid apprenticeship program. We currently have three apprentices. To find out more or apply to be an apprentice click here.

Custom Programs
We create custom programs for corporations and organisations wanting to engage and develop their employees or young people they work with. Programs can be tailored to fit into the clients schedule and focus on content that is most important to them. Costs are based on hours required for preparation and delivery of the program as well as any associated venue hire or equipment. We have run three custom programs. To find out more or request a custom program click here.

Open Programs
We are going to deliver our first open changemaking photography program in mid 2014. We are currently offering a beginner program for people aged 16 and above, which is $299 for a five week course, two hours per week. To find out more about our open programs and register your interest click here.

Pop-Up Workshops
We deliver pop-up changemaking photography workshops to immerse people in a socially innovative photography experience and create a breakthrough learning opportunity while having a lot of fun. We run pop-ups periodically around Sydney. We can also develop custom workshops for clients (ideal for team building). To find out more about our workshops and register your interest click here.

We deliver one-on-one and small group coaching sessions for changemaking photography for people of all ages and skill levels in the Greater Sydney Area. To find out more about coaching or register your interest click here.

We create special experiences for people interested in changemaking photography through our various events and exhibitions. We have held six events including five exhibitions. To find out more click here.


Contact details:


Services - Tomasz - 0450 252 504

Workshops - Laura - 0431 945 967